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CreSpeaksMedia is an online platform dedicated to helping you create better brand awareness and market your music online. Let us help you take your music and brand to the next level using our educational services and promotional techniques, tips and tricks. Become the music artist you’ve always dreamed of while building a music career that sustains the tests of time.

Cre of CreSpeaksMedia has been an influencer on social media since 2014 and has done strategy consulting and social media management since 2011.

  • Cre has written blog posts shared over 100,000 times and FB statuses have reached over 100,000 people.
  • She once grew a following from 0 to 4000 (averaging 50 to 100 new followers a week) in under a year when FB algorithms changed twice decreasing visibility of fan pages WITHOUT paying for ads.
  • She has sold ebooks, Tshirts, resume writing services, and has had successful crowdfunding campaigns using social media and so much more .
  • Has consulted various entrepreneurs on how to increase visibility and sales on social media
  • Is the Social Media Coordinator & Music Director for Conqueror Movement

Cre also has a Bachelor degree in Psychology, has graduate level courses under her belt in social sciences (Social Work and Counseling) , and has invested hundreds into courses and books to learn the social media strategies she knows.She uses her stellar writing skills, knowledge of consumers, and intuitive abilities to help increase exposure and naturally goes viral without trying. Cre wants to use these skills to help music artists grow their brands and connect with audiences who will help them reach their goals. You get the knowledge, experience, and added bonus of networking opportunities on and offline when you work with CreSpeaksMedia.

Prices are subject to change based upon demand ! Some deals may be posted on Instagram and Twitter so make sure to follow @crespeaksmedia!


Cre Speaks Media Services


Social Media Strategy and Development

When it comes to social networks, every action you take needs to be a smaller part of a larger social media marketing (SMM) strategy. In other words, every post, like, reply and comment must all be guided by a SMM plan that drives your target market toward your goals.

This can be a complicated process without the knowledge and tools. That’s why CreSpeaksMedia is here to help you create a comprehensive social media campaign that includes effective approaches to promoting your brand and music online. We will help you create a strategy in alignment with your goals, personality, and strengths as an artist.


Quick Glance Social Media Check ups/Audit 

So many artists are leaving fans & money on the table by not learning how to make social media work for them! It isn’t about having the most followers, but it is about having a strategy that gives you more visibility &  help you attract the fans who will vibe with your music. It is 2019  & it is so important to get with digital marketing!

Branding is what separates the talented who sell music & book shows often from those who don’t. Many media outlets are using social media to scout talent & you want to make sure you are on your shit. Having some direction or strategy in place can help you stand out above the noise & make valuable connections.

This service is designed to:

  • Give you some insight on first impressions of your profiles
  •  Tell you what your strengths are, meaning what is working for you now on social media
  • Tell you what your weaknesses are
  • Share what improvements can be made to your current social media efforts to align with your goals

Bonus: If I really like your music I will follow you on Instagram & Twitter & possibly feature you on a playlist/blog or consider you for future opportunities!

I tried to accomodating different learning styles and budgets with these price points.

  • 10 minute Audio Clip for Instagram only $24
  • Google Slides presentation for Instagram only  $29
  • Google Slides presentation on Instagram, Twitter, and FB plus 5 minute audio clip summarizing $39
  • Google Slides presentation on Instagram, Twitter, and FB plus 30 mn Q&A plus call recording for your notes $49

Quick Glance Social Media Brand Audit

Service will take 3- 10 Business days to deliver based on workload. In space for special instructions please include your email address you want your audit delivered & links to your music so that I can include more perspective to your audit. Below is an example of what you will receive.




Services Below will be paid for via Paypal Invoice Only.

3 40 mn  Brand Consulting  Sessions for $99

We understand that learning about branding  & social media can be a bit overwhelming, so we want to get you started and let you go out there and test then we follow up and I give you new strategies. Cre is very flexible when it comes to teaching and she doesn’t like fluff. She will teach you what you need to know to reach your goals and will offer a well of wisdom if you’re open to feedback in other areas. She is really passionate about helping others become better and she has become a master at getting results from brands with small to medium sized audiences. She prides herself on making things easier for you to understand, and helping you gain the most while your brand is still growing…

3 hour Content Creation Strategy Session for $119

Spend 3 hours with Cre, a social media strategist/consultant, and creative director,and she will help you develop content for the next 60 days for social media. The content she helps you create will help you connect with your audience better and communicate with them in way that is beneficial and authentic to the artist and fan.


Q&A via Live Chat (Google Hangout/FB Messenger)

$30 for 30 minutes

$60 for $60 mn


Social Media Coaching & Training

Have you been trying to market and promote your music and events online without much success? Our social media coaching and training program for musical talents helps you achieve optimal results from your social media marketing campaigns.

CreSpeaksMedia provides social media coaching and training services designed to meet each individual artist’s need and goals. Using creative media, we will share the knowledge with you on specific trainings so that you can create a digital strategy and know what to do for yourself.  Our goal is to empower you with the skills you need to succeed as an artist on social networks while building an audience that really cares about the music you publish online. This is not a “How to get 1000 fans in 24 hours” type of ordeal. This is about gaining knowledge that will grow your brand over time in the most authentic and consistent way.



2 hour Group training

Starting at $30 per person (cost depends on if I can secure a free or cheap space to host)

One on one training 

$79 for an hour 



 Terms & Conditions : 

Please Note that Services are non-refundable. For additional questions email