#NowPlaying :SC Artists Galore (Playlist)

The SC Artists Galore playlists was something I came up with to share the diversity of artists based in SC. I pride myself on having a music platform that showcases more than just street rap & trap music. Not that anything is wrong with those subgenres of Hip Hop, but I want people to understand that other genres deserve some attention too. It is necessary to highlight genres outside of rap music and even sub-genres within rap & I take pride in represented the underrepresented.

On this playlist you will find R&B, Storytellers & Lyricists, Party Music,  Trap Rap, and even Alternative sounds. There are an ass of songs on here so that you can jump in somewhere & let it ride on out. There is something for everyone on this playlist. I consider artists on this list to be pretty awesome. Some of the artists are born and raised here, and some of the artists may have just moved to SC and have been rocking it in our music scene. I wholeheartedly believe that SC has sooooooo much talent that the world should know about & that is a big part of my passion & inspiration for starting CreSpeaksMedia. CreSpeaksMedia highlights more than SC music artists, but SC indie artists are my TOP priority! On this playlist you will find music artists from various music collectives around South Carolina & if you ain’t convinced that SC has some of the dopest artists then I don’t know what to tell ya!

Check out & let me know what you like! What are some of your fave tracks from this list?

Enjoy! Make sure you drop me a line on Twitter about the playlist & share this on your platforms so others can vibe with SC artists too! If you are really about the indie music scene then help promote those of us who are creating playlists and blogging about music artists by sharing! Sharing is caring!


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