CreSpeaksMedia Interview with Luna Cheye

I am blessed to have came across the talent of songstress Luna Cheye. I’ve been working with the homie Terrance Duren of Shots Independent and Conqueror Movement for a while & he told me that he has a photo & video shoot with an artist he went to school with. I tagged along and helped with directing the photo shoot & definitely capitalized the opportunity to interview Luna Cheye on the spot. I had already been listening to her music and IN LOVE with her sound. I mean adding her to my Soundcloud R&B playlists and all! You get R&B that doesn’t necessarily fit in with the wave of what I call “Trap &B” and if you are a slow jam lover who loves music with soul you will LOVE her!

I sat down with her last Spring(don’t judge I am still growing my team ) & was amazed that she is pretty new as a musician. I believe she is just a natural & I can’t wait to see how much she grows.   I am amazed at the depth of her songs & how much it reminds me of R&B from back in the day that had you completely in your feels! Inspiring love, great vibes, & great sex(cuz we all grown right?) ! Luna Cheye is on her way and has an amazing team behind her( Miseducated Records *see playlist below*) that really inspires me & gives me hope for indie music artists in general, and for those in SC. While originally from Utah, she has been rocking it with us straight outta Camden, SC ( Go Small towns go! I am from little old Ridgeway that is about 30 miles from it) and I couldn’t be more excited to see what other jewels I could find in the backwoods and “cities” here in South Carolina! Of course some of her tracks are on the SC Artists Galore playlist,  a Soundcloud playlist with over 100 tracks from SC artists proving the Gold Mine is really here.


I would love for you to drop me a comment on Twitter or Youtube to run these views up, but in the meantime check out the playlists and just go through Luna Cheye’s content especially on Spotify! Spotted Soul is her latest, but it won’t hurt AT ALL to go through her full discography!




After the interview I was eager to see what the label “Miseducated Records” was all about and ended up creating a playlist for it