CreSpeaksMedia Superlatives : Best Projects Heard and Bumped in 2018

Thanks to the increase of streaming, the internet, and social media it has become so much easier for literally anyone to upload music to Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal & all that jazz…What I love about it is that I can stumble across old and new music from indie music artists. So if you see your project from 2015 on here don’t say “that is old! ” Because to me it is new and this list is about what I bumped in 2018, not necessarily released in 2018.  Some of you are sitting on some great projects and it is okay to dig those back up. I am the queen of going back pulling out some oldies because I don’t care about shit like clout and the present day.I care about what is GOOD music! Also I would hope as an artist that you come up with some timeless projects that can be heard in any year and impact someone. 

The fact that we can binge on almost anybody’s music today is a double-edged sword. The fact that anyone can put out a LOT of content today can be seen 2 ways. This is great for talented artists who plan on being around for a while & are just building up their content library. Unfortunately, for industry connects like myself from bloggers to music critics and even fans, it has become so much more difficult to keep up with everything that is out. We are living in a day of “information overload” or maybe “content overload” because everywhere you turn there is a new Vlog, new podcast, or new album. If I was a clout chaser I would just look at how many followers you have and steams, but I care about supporting artists on the rise & actually listening to their music for myself.

Everyone knows I am an avid music lover that loves to consume, and then boom I start this blog and everybody & their dog want me to check out their project. LOL Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it, but I have to be honest and say it can be overwhelming.

I have to be in a certain energetic space to consume music so that could mean that some weeks I don’t wanna hear Rap at all!

Some weeks I don’t want to hear Trap music at all!

Some weeks all I wanna hear is singing.

Some days I am striving for peace with my music choices.

Other days I am a gangsta bitch ready to pull the clip on a capping ass nigga…and some days I wanna twerk until my knees and back hurt…

Then some days I make it my business to explore more genres or artists that are underrepresented like female rap artists while others are trying to avoid female voices(a convo for another day) and R&B slow jams that don’t sound like trap…you get me? The purpose of music for me is to hear different genres to fit my energy or mood…This business is soul driven so I can’t just overly consume one type of sound over and over and over. Luckily for you that means if you’re reading this you get a lot of variety.

I say all this to say that drive home one point: Artists who made this list caught my attention and kept it in an era where absolutely too much music is being put out and pushed. I receive so many emails and pitches, but honestly most of the people on this list were people had A. I personally met them or saw them perform live and followed them on social media . OR B. Still haven’t seen them perform live or met them, but they made themselves so visible that they stayed on the top of my mind to check out their project.

How does one stay visible and at the top of my mind?

  • 1. TALENT. I either saw a video, heard one track while scrolling on Instagram, or saw a good live performance
  • 2. Having a good social media presence that they promote their music over and over consistently that I can’t help but remember to check out their project.
  • 3. Making themselves known to me by introducing themselves, or connecting back with me when I connect with them,  or simply thanking me for reposting their content.
  • Artists collaborating with each other. When I am listening to an album and hear a dope feature

So I don’t wanna hear “why my project ain’t make the list!” .These artists have worked hard to make themselves visible or built a relationship with me. Also, this is a list of projects I actually FINISHED listening to and even went back to listen to more than once …I consume a lot of projects and some artists make good music, but some either chose too many tracks for their project & couldn’t keep my interest after a certain amount of songs, OR just in general life happens I just so happen to be in a different vibe & never picked back up where I started. So if you had a 17 song album and I made it only to track 10 I can’t fairly add an album to the list I didn’t finish.


I say all this to say that you should congratulate these artists on a job well done. Whether I stumbled across their music from a live show, a feature, or just scrolling on Instagram they made a great album & did the work to help me stumble across it or maintained a connection with me that influenced me to check their album out. The talent was there first, then the promotion & connection.

What makes an album great to me? A great album is one that offers versatility of sound using different production, different song concepts, & consistency. If I can go back to it at LEAST 4 times and catch something different each time or just continue to be entertained without feeling tired of the same old sound you’ve done a great job.

So if you see albums on this list I urge you to check some out for yourself & congratulate these artists for catching my eye and keeping my heart. 98% of these artists are South Carolina artists while some come from Georgia, Florida, or somewhere else.






Things to consider as an artist: 

Moving forward, I wanna urge artists to consider the first half of this post in that there are is overabundance of projects being produced. Focus more on shorter projects and actually spend time promoting that one project versus dropping 4 projects a year. EPS with 5 to 7 tracks or 14 song project and actually pushing 1 or 2 singles within a 6 month span is better than dropping a new project every 3 months. I will drop knowledge on why it is important to not overproduce later. But in the meantime thank you for rocking with CreSpeaksMedia !

If you want indie artists to thrive then please support platforms like mine by telling your friends about it , sharing our posts on social media, checking out our content, and checking out the artists!


Drop me some comments with some of your fave projects that you bumped last year!