CreSpeaksMedia Superlatives 2017-2018 : Best Live Performances

It was just fucking amazing to go to so many live shows last year! I was at live shows every month so it is impossible to name them all, but here are some that I narrowed down as best performances…

Words can not express how excited and proud I am to come from a place where there is so much talent. I urge you to start going out to live shows more. More than just the ones your friends are performing at, but just being open to music experiences, and not allowing one or two bad experiences overshadow the good. I must say 2018 really put me on game. I knew there was talent back before I started my platform…it was my inspiration of the indie music scene here that lead to the creation of CreSpeaksMedia, but just going harder for the artists with this platform has opened my eyes to the talent and potential of artists in South Carolina.

If we can just get our mindsets right & be more supportive we can make this a great local economy where artists EAT & fans enjoy themselves. Help me change the scene by sharing my blog posts on social media, by following artists that appeal to you, showing up to shows, listening to their projects, buying physical and digital copies, whatever it takes DO IT. IT is WORTH IT.


Some of my favorite performances this year came from Loading SC at New Brookland Tavern, Sparkfest (big ups to Mark Carson for putting that together, BINACT Anniversary at Music Farm, Freetimes Music Crawl at the Aristocrat, & the Nov 2 White Mule show in 5 points! ..


Last, but not least, the impact of a live performance is heavy. I should mention that this was a hard task trying to remember all of the dope shows I went to in 2017 and 2018. Although not listed, I wanna shout out Kelsey Williams of SAGE COLLECTIVE(no longer an org)  for putting on the show that gave me confirmation that CreSpeaksMedia needed to launch just months later…Oct 2017 I was in a very low place…I was dealing with having my biggest supporter & lover move halfway across the country…heartbroken AF so I really needed to get out and enjoy myself. I remember Tammaka Staley (amazing poet and activist!) hosting, the dope vendors there from BINACT to Good Vibe Wraps, a psychic reader, & the music acts…It was my first time experiencing each artist there with the exception of Niecy Blues. I learned of Sunrhe, Chief Mellow, Visibly Inflight, and Nepotism! To this day I have enjoyed their music & the people that they are!  I met my now business partner and one who is like a brother to me…Terrance Duren of Shots Independent & Conqueror Movement…I also met Na’Cha Seed , amazing poet and Media Superwomanmy friend Michael Murray of Cultivated Ignorance & Host of Blue Note Poetry snapped photos that night and gave me that ride…That night was magical & I had no idea that I would build personal relationships with most of the people in the room & watch these artists flourish…and I had no idea that THEIR connections would stay with me…every artist I  listed previously I have either blogged about them, have some sitting in draft mode(sorry guys I do the most lol), or someone they’ve made music with…THIS is the purpose of live shows…CONNECTIONS..


Another shout out I have to give…Candice at BINACT (…I remember the first event I went to of hers I was just amazed at how she created this platform for artists to have their music submitted, a dope performer(it was V’Renee performing that night (I fucking love haaa!) , and dope DJ music set! Candice inspired me a lot & I learned about soooo many artist through her platform alone! Make sure y’all visit her website & buy some Merch or contribute to her Kofi campaign…she deserves it more than everyone! As you will see many of the best performances came from the BINACT Anniversary show! See what she is up too lately on Instagram 


I am literally crying tears of joy and gratefulness because this was what sparked the fire in KNOWING that CreSpeaksMedia would have to become a reality…I wanted the world to know about indie music acts & there is something so powerful about live music experiences that bring kindred spirits together. CreSpeaksMedia was originally gonna be about all types of media (music, film, books, and the arts(may still incorporate some) , but in December I hit the ground running with creating content for CreSpeaksMedia. Launched the Instagram in January 2018, and the official blog launched in March 2018. It has been an amazing journey & I look forward to the scene here growing & becoming better and better.


If you are an artist reading this I appreciate you for being here. Please believe in yourselves to make yourself visible & keep making music if you know that you were put here to do it. Get out there & perform so people like me can receive your energy in the realest way! And stop capping & promote other artists!

If you aren’t a music artist, thank you for being here! I appreciate you reading about my live music experiences & hope that you will explore some of your own & share them with me!

Columbia, SC is where it’s at when it comes to talent & I am rooting for everyone!

What are some dope performances you saw in 2018 ? What about in January?