CreSpeaksMedia January 2019 Recap!

If you haven’t read a blog post since last year Happy New Year! I figured I would recap how my New Year has started with the indie music scene and begin a monthly recap of my music experiences on the blog!  The New Year and month of January was long AF, but the music scene has been so refreshing…I missed a couple of shows because Motherhood 🙂 but shows I went to earlier in January were from vocalists and bands from different genres…I love rap shit, but ya girl has been yearning for more…
Live Shows I loved in Columbia,SC :
Mario Mcclean & Tyler Digital, Husband, North by North, & The Witness Marks at New Brookland Tavern!
I loved every act, but my favorite was seeing Mario Mcclean live! He is the ultimate live show experience! I found myself just closing my eyes and feeling as if I was floating at times because the sound was so fluid.
His album “Pillars” made CreSpeaksMedia “Best Projects Heard & Bumped in 2018” and Mario made the CreSpeaksMedia “Music with Most Feels” and “Best Vocalists/Singers” list (see the rest on Instagram) so to see him live was just fucking amazing! I think this guy should be getting Grammy’s already and it was lovely to see Tyler Digital and his brother on stage with him! Music is his definite calling & you just HAVE to see him live. I’m talking that live experience where you just close your eyes & feel as if you are floating…Just make sure you watch out for Mario Mcclean!
GodisTanesha at One 10…how can I put this…the energy…now I am not gonna compare her to Beyonce cuz nobody likes comparisons…but all I am gonna say is seeing her perform lives gives you the strongest,energetic vibes you get when you see a G.O.A.T like Beyonce perform…Divine Feminine coming all the way TF thru!  I also loved that in between the sets the DJ played some Beyonce to warm us up for the second half….Not to mention the venue was so fitting for her sound. Can’t beat the upscale Gold Walls & dim lights at One 10!

GodisTanesha pictured with Artist Tony Brown (Alewis Project)

GodisTanesha and Cre of  CreSpeaksMedia

GodisTanesha is just fucking amazing. I loved her previous tracks before rebranding as GodisTanesha, but seeing her perform LIVE??? Next level shit…A show you don’t wanna miss…She is fierce and Godly…and by Godly I don’t mean she’s rocking a church hat playing a tambourine…LOL She definitely puts the “Godis” in her name and to have The ROSE GOLD band compliment her? It is just an experience that can’t be expressed with words…I am so thankful for that experience and look forward to interviewing with her soon & just watching this Goddess rise! GodisTanesha also dropped a new single “Metamorphosis” so make sure y’all check her out!
 Projects I been bumping all January:
Sink or Swim EP by O’ryvn, Ayyo Rico & 24nandoo…I’m a Ayyo Rico fan and I’ve been trying to check out artists he works with cuz it only makes sense that they have to be dope too right? …This is a dope project. I love the versatile,balanced sounds on this project that made me wanna grind on my future bae, dance some, & also get in tune with the dark side addressing trust issues, heartbreak, etc and motivation as we all get to the bag …
Very relatable content and the vibes are just smooth, playa,-like , and confident .I sense some authentic spirits on here telling the stories of life...when I think of this title I see it as the sinking representing the downs in life and the swimming representing the ups and balance of things…Hopefully one of they can let me know if that was what they were going for. I’ve been dancing a lot to “Second Guessing” and I am loving the island vibe there. Love love love the different sides to this project and would love if the radio bumped all five.
TDT by BIG K.R.I.T. at it again giving us the authentic, painful truths & inspiration for anybody trying to make it ….He came off strong with #1 with “I need your energy this world is killing me light it up…if you feeling me” …”YASSSS!!!” I said as I was on public transportation on my way to work on some business shit…I love the Southern Country Boy shit all day as a girl from little old Ridgeway in the countriest parts of SC….haha. Big K.R.I.T. will forever be a Underground King, G.O.A.T, might I add.  I appreciate his consistency in giving us something new and profound every now and then while sitting on a library of classics. I also appreciate how he contributes to the indie music scene…I still ain’t drop my “Glorious Challenge” yet cuz I be doing the most…but writing to his beat myself helped me realize something about my own artistry and the production I prefer… y’all look out for it one day soon…lol
 Pillars-Mario Mcclean & Tyler Digital : This is absolutely a breath of fresh air as someone who really misses the old days of male vocalists pouring their hearts out…I read a music review  in the Free Times so I had to check this project out.  Amazing vocals and vibes on this project…Once I heard this project I knew I had to see Mario live and it was just amazing…This guy should be getting Grammy’s, having his songs on Soundtracks,  and all kinds of music awards along with his producer Tyler Digital. They make a dynamic team and I urge you to see them live and check out the project…it will liberate your soul!If you like music from artists like John Legend,  Sam Smith, Pop, R&B, and Alternative music you will LOVE Mario Mcclean’s project! Vocals amazing…lyrics full of depth and passion… amazing…everything about this project and artist is fucking amazing.     
Stevie Harris-Hustling Tears like Raindrops– This project has meant so much to me…I was sold when I saw him perform live as a featured artist at Mind Gravy hosted by Al Black, but from #1 “We can just roll all night” YASSSSSS!! This project is very balanced and versatile…you can vibe with your significant other, you can dance to it, 2 step to it, and even cry to it. This is also a breath of fresh air because the vibes are just IT…So much SOUL & Funk in this project & I can always go back to it & appreciate it! If you love Soul R&B you are in for a treat!
Stephen Marley and Damien Marley-If you know me you’ll know that I am a big Bob Marley fan and honestly didn’t become so big of a fan until last year as I decide to go back and listen to music that I never really delved deep into…I would play Bob Marley music everyday before I go to work and as my students are walking into my classroom. RIH Bob Marley! They would think I am weird because its old Reggae music and all they are used to is Rap…haha so after watching half of the documentary about Bob I decided that I would start going through his children’s music…it set my soul on fire in the best way…I opened up a new world…don’t judge me yes I am late I know,LOL  The beauty of being almost 30 is that I don’t have to wait for the radio to tell me who is hot…I can dig for music & stumble across music & I can choose to spend time on various artists based on my spirit…I wish I discovered the earlier versions of Reggae (outside of the Dancehall music pushed to America and Drake songs) as a child…but since I am almost 30 the only thing I can do is keep digging, keep listening and pass on to my 3 sons!
I am at a space in my life where I strive for peace and need so much of the good vibes…I am also very balanced so I try to listen to more than rap…in fact…my soul has been calling for me to listen more to Reggae & Soul music. So I have been rocking the hell out of Damien Marley on Youtube mixes and absolutely loving it…making this music a part of my wake up music. I then decided to add some of their songs to some Tidal playlists and then boom…everyday I have to have some Marley vibes…until my last breath I can’t get enough of the high vibes…
Their projects I been bumping:
Welcome to Jamrock“, “Stoney Hill,” & “Distant Relatives ” (Nas and Damien Marley collab project)  & “Mr. Marleyby Damien Marley
“Mind Control Acoustic ” “Revelation Part I: The Root of Life, & Revelation Part II : The Fruit of Life by Stephen Marley
I am certainly not done going through the music of the Marley family & it just gets better and better the deeper I dig. Check out the “Marley Faves” playlist I created that features some music from the other Marleys too!

Projects I will be delving into : 
Alaska EP by Sra (1st few songs are Fiyahh!!)
Latest Playlist: I started coming up with tracks for this playlist in December and added more in January



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