CreSpeaksMedia Interview with J Dav

J Dav is an artist out of Laurens, SC who is bringing a unique sound to the South Carolina music scene and hoping to rise above. J Dav hasn’t been in the game long, but in his short time of taking music serious as a career he has made his presence known with releasing project after project and keeping his fans on the edge of their seat. My first introduction to J Dav was through his 3rd project “Fatality” project. Some of my faves from that project is “Desire to Win” “The Vision” and “U Don’t Understand”Keep it Underground” and then shortly after I delved into J. Dav’s “Green House” project. Some of my faves were “Peace, Love, and Good Vibes” featuring Anansi Rex of Mooncricket(one of my fave bands!) , and “Smoke and Mirrors”, “California” featuring Cassius Thomasand I really respect that he gets just grows stronger and more talented with each project and single! J. Dav is a great storyteller and I believe most people who refuse to be boxed and need inspiration to live out their purpose would appreciate J. Dav. And if you’re a weed smoker definitely bump the “Green House” project. No further explanation needed.

Last, but not least, what I appreciate about J. Dav is that his sound resembles late 80s and 90s Hip Hop pioneers while staying true to who he is and he doesn’t mind standing alone in that. J. Dav is pure talent and his work ethic is off the charts. He is always working on his music, making connections, and looking forward to the next step.

Check out the interview and stay tuned to his Instagram to see what is next!

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Check out his latest track “Deep in the Game on Spotify and Apple Music here the official video shot by Shots Independent on Youtube

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