CreSpeaksMedia February Recap

What’s up y’all! It is the second recap of the year! Like I told y’all in my last blog post I started to recap my music experiences within the first  2weeks of the next month! I didn’t attend many shows this month, but I have been working on a lot like planning a show ! Save the date April 27th at 9 pm and more details on the way!
This month was a big focus on Hip Hop, Authenticity, and Great Vibes! Went to Fat Rat da Czar ‘s Album listening party for his project “Exposed” that dropped on February 14th…
  • Loved the love in the building & the  songs I heard.
  • The production was so on point with his flow and lyrical talent. Big ups to Midi Marc for that! He did his thing!
  • Loved the transparency on the tracks.
  • Also! There were FREE TACOS!!!! You HAVE to love your fans to give FREE TACOS AND OFFER FREE ADMISSION!

It was even better going back to listen to the project while in my zone… If you know me then you’ll know that I absolutely need to consume projects in private and take my time with it versus being the busy body listening to music while running errands & being busy around the house.  After listening thoroughly I came to the conclusion that The project “Exposed” definitely lives up to the title & vibes. Lots of Transparency and heart shown with this project. I can’t say there was a bad track on this project at ALL as it was versatile & gave us something we could truly feel, but Some of my favorite tracks were “Four Walls”  “Tell I Met You”(Have to put on repeat like 2everytime I hear it )“Magic Door” “Take it Off” featuring Lalisa (VERY NICE collab & has strong radio potential),” Since I saw you last”  the bonus track was A-1! “Stranger” really moved me when I heard Sade on the sample in the hook. Fat Rat Da Czar definitely puts a lot of energy and heart into this album, and as a Black woman who is SOOO here for Black men telling their vulnerable truths I love it. Check out the album on Soundcloud!

1st Thursday on Main: While waiting for the album listening party to start I catch this performance from Mooncricket right outside of Tapp’s! That was a very nice performance before going in!
Projects I bumped:
Do you Love Me by Jon Swaii– Really enjoyed this project that was dropped back in December.In 10 songs you get a variety of tracks that range across so many different emotions and sounds. The first track gives you everything you need to need to know about the album : Raw, authentic, and full of heart. This is definitely an album you don’t have to hit skip on if you are one for listening to consume the messages. I love his raw honesty,constant self-reflection, and confidence over the beats. It was hard to not name the whole track list as faves without naming all 10 songs, but here’s an attempt at some of fave tracks: “You Love Me” featuring Luli, “Rules to This” featuring OG Keesh , “Forbidden Fruit”,”Stereotypes”, “Same Thing”, “Divine Lust”, & “Third Eye”I’ve also peeped that Jon Swaii has some producer tapes out that are also great if you love instrumentals. I bumped “Do You Love Me Yet?”  on Tidal &  you can bump for free on Tidal for 60 days by clicking here!
I haven’t been through Jon’s full discography but the answer is YES.
Chilly Days EP by Jesse Davis-This was a vibe for February. Love the undertones of messages encouraging “Black Love”. Not just romantic love, but love of Black people being in unity and feeling like a community.  The name definitely lives up as this project has smooth vibes and the production really works out for Jesse Davis’s lyrics and flow. It is hard to name favorites on this one because it is only 4 tracks and all were amazing! If you love sexy music you will love “Paint & Sip and “Trench Coat“. If you love overall good vibes you will love “Pumpkin Spice” and “Hot Chocolate”  This project is what Hip Hop needs! I appreciate how Jesse Davis continues being true to standing out in the industry in bringing positive vibes and love to the culture!
 Flooded by Cassius Thomas is for those who wanna get away from the “turn up” and just sit back and listen to lyrics. If you are one of the folks who still enjoys Hip Hop for it’s storytelling and lyrical ability I think you would enjoy this project. Cassius tells his various stories of transitioning into age 25,reflecting on the past, and  realizing himself as an outcast or “Black sheep”. This project is something I can relate to on a personal level & I absolutely love the smooth sounds on it! I have too many favorites on this project ,but ones that stood out to me was “Make Moves(Swimming)” and 25 deep(strong intro!), Ain’t No Secret(I love my city), Storm coming, Message in The Bottle, &Different, Revolving Doors. This really is a project you can listen to for a while without hitting skip if you are actually listening to the words and vibe. It is so much depth to this project that when you’re just 5 songs in you feel like you have heard a whole album so it is definitely worth the listen!. Flooded is on all platforms, but I bumped on Tidal &  you can bump for free on Tidal for 60 days by clicking here!
Alaska EP by Sra – This project is ALL THE VIBES you could ever ask for! Sra has such a a beautiful voice and smooth sound.Something about her sound is so hypnotic and sensual. I absolutely LOVE how well her voice works over the style of production. This project has high vibes with a calming energy that feels so authentic. You can tell she absolutely loves music for all that it is from the content to the overall sound. This is a brief project and although it is only 5 tracks it feels like so much more because of the depth and strong vibes. Some of my favorite tracks were “South Village” “Leisure featuring Twn(another amazing artist you should know!) , and White
Follow her on Instagram and check out her music on Spotify & Soundcloud
Side Note: Can’t wait to see her LIVE!
Playlists I created/bumped:
Had the pleasure of curating the sound for NuGrowth at ConverSpace(A new co-working space in town!)  where there was an amazing panel of entrepreneurs sharing their wisdom with us. Thank you to Mike Murray of Cultivated Ignorance Podcast for hosting this event & giving me the opportunity! I absolutely LOVED the panel! Make sure y’all check out ConverSpace! This playlist is mostly R&B, Neo-Soul, and a few reggae vibes from independent music artists & mainstream artists!You will find some throwbacks & songs of today. Not all of the music was played, but I created a Spotify playlist and Soundcloud playlist to include artists who didn’t have all of their music on Spotify!If you start with the Spotify and end with Soundcloud you can NOT go wrong!!


Welp! That is all folks! March recap in April will be LIT as I have already been invited to private listening party and still have time to go out to some shows! I have no idea whose projects or singles will be featured next month as I am really stuck on all the new and old shit I’ve been listening to…but just stay tuned!

BIG SHIT OTW! Planning my FIRST Music event , did you hear that? Not someone else’s that I am promoting or helping with but my OWN! More details OTW just save April 27 9 pm and stay tuned to CreSpeaksMedia social media!

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