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Artist Track/Project Feedback

Most people will tell you that your music is good or that it’s “trash”, but won’t bother telling you why.

This gig is designed to get honest feedback about your music without breaking your spirit. I will review your music based off of a consumer perspective as well as a professional that is highly sought out by other creatives looking for artists to perform at their events. They ask ME who would be good for them & I connect them.  Also known for:

  • curating music for events ( NuGrowth at ConverSpace & Falling in Love with Your Passion to name a few)
  • selecting music for indie films 
  • blogging about music experiences.

Not only being a music media connection, but as someone who understands marketing, branding, and psychology I can give you different perspectives. I listen to many genres of music so it is easy for me to give a balanced critique without breaking your spirit. 

I will review based on :

  •  sound quality (engineering)
  • the audience it is intended for
  • the lyrics
  • content
  •  production
  • Anything you need to know to improve your music.

I will review an unreleased track from the perspective of a consumer & music media connect or I will review the overall project for its strengths & weaknesses, and track potential.

Extra perk: I will add the song to my playlists on Soundcloud, Tidal, or Spotify if I like it when you actually have it published. 

CHeck out my Praise/Reviews page if you still questioning! And that page isn’t even complete yet! 


Prices are priced to help artists until my workload becomes too big to handle so hop on it now! 

  • $15 for a Single Review
  • $25 for Project up to 10 tracks
  • $45  for up to 20 tracks reviewed & help with song selections for a project. 
Artist & Project Feedback