CreSpeaksMedia is a platform that showcases Indie music & local music talent all over the US. While the brand’s first priority is covering,promoting local music events, and supporting music artists in and around Columbia, South Carolina,as well as neighboring states like Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, and even the bigger places like New York.   it’s also about Artist Empowerment and giving music artists who aren’t on TV and mainstream radio their chances to shine no matter the location.

About Cre Speaks Media

Here at CreSpeaksMedia, we to aim help music artists in Columbia, SC and all around not only gain more exposure to fans and increase networking opportunities, but we also aim to teach the ropes of social media marketing to indie and signed music artists and their teams build brands and promote themselves properly on social media. Our goal is to help you connect with an authentic, target fan base online.

What is Artist Empowerment?

In short:

Artist empowerment is the process of becoming more confident and stronger in claiming your rights and controlling your own life as a creator, while living your dreams on your own terms.

Through empowerment, you have the will and the way to create your own personal and professional dwellings. We want to help music artists like you transform your lives and the way you market your brand and music through creative media. The CreSpeaksMedia approach is to plant the seeds of knowledge, wisdom, and support that will assist music artists on their journeys.

CreSpeaksMedia will always support brands and people who give music artists resources and support so when we learn of any information that could help an upcoming music artists, whether signed to a label, or independent, we will share it with you.  Artist Empowerment is to help artists with personal growth, mindset, business strategies, and  help artists find effective ways to market and promote their music and brands. This helps them navigate their music careers while successfully maneuvering through the music business and tackling the industry as a whole.

Words from Cre:

“I founded CreSpeaksMedia out of pure passion for music, and the appreciation of music and the artists that create it. I have been attending local shows for years and stumbling across music artists that aren’t on the radio everyday. I always think about how great things would be if some of the greatest, authentic music was on TV and radio waves.  I think many of us know that much of the music industry does not cover the most talented and diverse artists.  I also realize that so many mainstream artists are not living their dream because they have been asked to compromise who they are to make money.

I want to see independent and small label music artists win. I want them to create the music they love and not be asked to compromise their art and soul for the sake of the music industry. I want them to make money and create the music they want. I realized that if I want to see different that I would have to create a platform and do things my way and BE THE VOICE for music artist.

My goal is to help the music artists by providing PR and exposure, and to advise musicians, singers, rappers and others who support music talent on how to promote their talents to position themselves to be found by the people who are looking for the sounds they want to create. I am a social media strategist that studies social media marketing and have 7 years experience of blogging, social media marketing, and using writing to get what I want. I will talk more about that later, but I want to teach music artists to do the same!

I see it this way : If independent artists, DJS, Producers, Engineers, models, bloggers, media companies, etc support each other where they are at NOW and plant seeds then we will all make it. Networking is key to success for you as a professional artist. Your definition of success won’t happen overnight, but it will happen in the most authentic way and CreSpeaksMedia is about taking the journey with you.   CreSpeaksMedia wants to help you  launch your music career with drive, education and success if you are ready to change the way you think and do the work.”

I appreciate you all for visiting and if you read to the bottom I appreciate you for being here. Stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook!