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in 2019 a legendary thing happened. I launched a movement called “We Can All Eat”. The We Can All Eat movement is all about embracing and respecting the diversity of Women in Hip Hop. Representation of different women coming together to be their authentic selves. No pressure to appeal to men. No pressure to appeal to status quo. No censoring of the self to please others. I had this vision for a few years and in January 2019 I said this will be the year we bring the vision to life.The launch of the movement was kicked off with an Instagram page, a rap challenge (that no one but me and one other artist partcipated in LOL), and the centerpiece of it all: The concert.  To be real I haven’t done much with the movement outside of this concert and simply embodying a “Ladies First” attitude that involves giving grace to Female Rap artists,speaking up for them, and showcasing them at any given moment.

The We Can All Eat showcase is one of my greatest works or biggest flex as they say. The We Can All Eat showcase took place on April 27, 2019, in my city Columbia, SC. SC Music Scene is very diverse and one of the smaller, emerging scenes that just needs more love and resources so this show was so necessary. Many of the Hip Hop shows I attend I’d be lucky to see 1 or 2 women on the line up of male artists.  I am super grateful for the showcases or open mics I’ve been to where I stumble across new female rap artists in Columbia,SC. They made my entire night every single time. In those moments I consumed, enjoyed, walked up to these women to complement them and connected with them on social media. I realized that these women were super talented, and they were hungry for their music careers. They shined and they left lasting impressions on me to want to give them a platform to share their voices.


Not only did I find a diverse group of Black women to perform at the showcase, but also had a dope Female DJ who honored my request to play Female Rap Jams the WHOLE night! I pulled together a massive playlist of Female Rap Jams of today and yesterday and sent it to her and asked her to consider it. Prior to the show I had the pleasure of meeting with a few of the artists and having a panel with them to discuss their experiences as a Female Rap artist. The footage was lost because we all know sometimes great things get lost because Technology is a hater, but the memories of sitting down with them still stick with me. Every artist has a story, and the themes are repetitive: stories of males in the industry trying to pit them against each other, or even women giving them a hard time.

I handpicked each woman that was on the line up. I saw them on the grind and had to put them on and grew to love these women.  Each and every one of them holds a special place in my heart! This show created a dope bond where some collaborations and friendships were built from the experience.


Allow me to introduce the First ladies of the We Can All Eat movement. A part 2 of the show was supposed to happen in 2020 but the pandemic happened and to be honest with you I was kind of glad that it did. I felt that the first show was sooooo good that I wanted to make sure I picked a shorter line up and still bring that wow factor the first show gave us.


I put together this playlist with all the female rap artists on the line up to give everyone a preview of the dopeness to expect



Check out the recap of the We Can All Eat Showcase

Equilla Butterfly-Equilla Butterfly – I received an email from TrashCan Willie one day and he submitted some songs for playists that I curated for some Conqueror Movement events. I thought it was super dope and wanted her in my show. I loved her style that gave Neo-Soul Vibes & I am also a sucker for love music. Unfortunately, Equilla has decided to step away from music for a while , but  I am forever grateful that my show was one of her final performances. I will always respect her artistry and the balance she brought. She also had such a great attitude and ready to help out where she could!

See one of Equilla Butterfly’s performances from the show on my Youtube!



Kartier Kay formally KayThaGawd– When I first heard of Kartier Kay she was known as KayThaGawd. I was drawn to her attitude and how bold she was. I absolutely loved the confidence, the coolness, and the duality she offered from telling stories of rejection, questioning her path in life, and just riding the beat like nobody’s business.  I loved the lyrics in the Lil Baby freestyle. The attitude she embodied was sick and I have a thing for raw lyrics. I love how she presents as masculine but still raps about being with men. It would throw off the average, heterosexual man HAHA!  I am really here for the Queer artists owning themselves & not being afraid to talk about their experiences in a world that wants them to hide.  I always admired her spirit and how she was always professional, ready to work, and thankful for the support shown. I also appreciated her voice in the panel we had, and I learned that she was influenced by Hazel E.


Click here for playlist I put together of some of my fave songs by her on Spotify 

Check out the “Night Flow” performance on Youtube 



SWVNK– I first saw her at a show thrown by the Voydd and I was blown away by her performance. LIT was an understatement. She was LIT LIT! Loved her energy and flow.  I loved her voice and lyrics. She is a bubbly gangsta and I live for it! She is honest & cool throughout her flows. I felt the words she was saying & she was so much fun to watch that you couldn’t help, but catch her “Drip” . I had to have her! She gives so many vibes & the branding is on point. I lived for the moment of saying “SWVNK GAWWWDDD” in the audience!

Here’s a Soundcloud playlist of my SWVNK faves!

Check out the “Drip” performance on Youtube 


Lalisa The Goddess- I was first introduced to Lalisa during a performance at a show hosted by H3RO. I had heard of her , had listened to her mixtape on Soundcloud “Goddess Flow”, but that was my first time seeing her perform. She had just had her baby and I loved to see her representing for the mothers! As a mom of 3 I really appreciated seeing her ! I loved her voice . She really be spitting FIYAH and you can tell she’s a student to the game with her lyrics and energy. I can hear her influences of Women in Hip Hop of the 90s and her confidence is unmatched. 


Check out my LaLisa The Goddess faves on Spotify

Peep the live performance with her friend Dawn Duchess on Youtube


Milah-Milah has been one of SC best kept secrets. It is crazy cuz never saw Milah perform before my show. I had only heard her on some tracks and when I heard her I thought….yoooooooo she gotta be on this line up! She told me she never performed in Columbia before, and she had not performed in a very long time. She had performance opportunities in Charlotte and Atlanta and it would be her first time performing here. She had just come off of a 5-year hiatus and I was so grateful she trusted me enough to do the show. When my artist friend Jesse Davis, a HS friend told me that she wasn’t making music anymore I thought “WHAT”! You can’t just show me that kind of talent and tell me they quit! That was maybe a year before I set the show in stone. I talked to him again and he said she was making music again. After speaking with her in the panell I learned that she faced a lot of obstacles involving her appearance and expectations from others. She is a plus size Queer Black woman who makes R&B Music & Hip Hop and she had many negative experiences in the short time in the industry like people telling her how to dress or trying to get her to change her content to beef with other female artists. I told Milah that she can come as she is & she ended up working on her debut project since her hiatus called “Love and Liquor” just to have content for the show. IT remains one of SC Best projects and I am so glad that she took on the challenge of performing at the We Can All Eat showcase when she did. On the video you’ll see her a little nervous at first and stumbling. Then the crowd gases her then the artist comes out. I LIVE!

Stories like that is why I am launching the “We Can All Eat” Movement and brought together this showcase so that Women in Hip Hop can be themselves and where their talent is ENOUGH!
See the “Intro” performance here on Youtube
Check out my fave MIlah songs on this Spotify playlist


Litty-I can’t even remember when I first met Litty because I feel like it has been so long, but I know that she just has so

me a warm, fun stage presence and bubbly personality! I’ve seen her on various occasions rock crowds and grow a ra

ving fan base on social media. I had to have her at this show because she has a lane of her own : HoloTrap that she refers to as “trap music” in space. I wanted this line up to be diverse and I couldn’t have the show without her!

Check out her “Diggy Interlude” performance on Youtube

Check out my fave litty songs on Spotify



Ray Lejune- I was also introduced to Ray Lejune at a Voydd show and before you know it I was a fan girl. I was sooo happy to see a dark skin woman basking in all her confidence. Representation really does matter! I have always loved the funk and the attitude in her music. She can sing and rap, and she is truly a performer! She has a presence that makes the whole room stop and look. I had to have her at my show!  Every time I see her perform, I am in the audience singing and rapping along! 

See her “Bounce” performance on Youtube

Check out my Ray Lejune  faves on Spotify 


Rudy HazeRudy was also an artist that I had always heard about but didn’t see live until maybe 2018. This was at the same show I met SWVNK at that was introduced by The Voydd. I am soooo grateful! Rudy Haze has always given the vibes. Love the Southern cadence & harmonizing along with the production. Her music is like Church Music for The Real. Southern Hip Hop at it’s finest.  I have always loved Rudy’s spirit. She is the coolest and one of the most solid people you will ever meet.

Check out Rudy Haze “My Thang”  performance on Youtube

Here are some of my Rudy Haze faves from Soundcloud


Jamee Cornelia-

One of my first 3 blog posts on crespeaksmedia.com was titled
“Jamee Cornelia Is Fucking Dope: Female Rap Extraordinaire And Visual Powerhouse.”  I was amazed at how many talents she has as a graphic designer, videographer who directs, co-shoots & edits her own videos(no basic shit), designs her own merch & fashion lines, & has really dope music. Jamee Cornelia was born in Raleigh,NC & lived mostly in Fuquay Varina ,but resides in Decatur, GA. She has been in the Atlanta scene for a while now. Since the show she has moved to Phoenix, AZ and made her way back to ATL!
I am gonna tell y’all Jamee came and shut it down and had me so shook, I was thinking what artist would top her as a headliner for the next show for the level of energy she brought!
Check out Jamee Cornelia performing “New Ringtone” on Youtube
Check out my Jamee Cornelia faves on Spotify 

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Cypher artists:

I had a Cypher segment of the show. I rapped in this part as well. I picked some beats from local producers and put it on a playlist to kick off a challenge. Didn’t get much love from the challenge, but Me, Equilla Butterfly, and my poet woes from Augusta came through! They dropped poetry and Hip Hop!

Sky Hi3-Sky Hi3 is a monster! I love the way she spits poetry . She is the quiet storm who you would see in a room and think “that quiet girl made all that noise!” I was glad when she agreed to be a part!


Check out her Cypher performance on Youtube

Ynobe G-Ynobe G is a gangsta and I love her! She speaks with so much confidence, tells you who she is, and doesn’t give any fucks and these are the women I really admire! I met her and Sky Hi3 at Blue Note Poetry and they were always cool! I was so thankful to have them a part!

Check out her performance in the Cypher on Youtube


Last but not least, special thanks to my Camera crew Nathalie & Terrance from Conqueror Movement!

And much love to my friend Michael Murray for the amazing photography!

Thanks to Na’Cha for being an amazing co-host and DJ Sista Misses

Thanks to my sister for the amazing food!

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