“Tragic H3RO” Album Review and Visuals

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Album Artwork for Tragic H3ro by Brian Means



The wait is over and I am honored to be one of the first ones who could review the Tragic H3RO Album!
Back in late May when I saw that H3ro was looking for someone to review his upcoming project I jumped on it immediately.  H3ro is one of the most important, solid Hip Hop artists around so I was glad to jump on this opportunity and I knew I would take my time on it.  When I review a music project I like to make sure I have time to sit down and process it, and especially when you know the artist always brings substance and depth.
I have been through the project like almost a full 2 times before writing this review. While H3ro only needed to know what few songs really caught my attention, I couldn’t just pick a few. It was hard for me to just pick a few favorites because I genuinely loved the whole thing. My type of music for sure:  Passionate and Authentic! Because I really thoroughly enjoyed every single so I will highlight some of the tracks I really rock with and the WHY…

Photo Cred :John Carlos
Jacket: The Fresh Machine

First off, I wanna say if there was a scale(although I hate scales), on a scale of 1 to 10, I have to rate this a solid 10 project. From the passion,delivery, the diversity, authenticity, sick production, energy, bars, and features this is very dope. I also felt like the sequence was perfect. H3RO take us through the motions with every single, and you never know whether the song will be really laid back or whether it will have a funky vibe.
Songs that stick in my head with the hook?
 My Sunshine. I keep singing this around the house and can’t get it out of my head!
I think this is a great song to push as relationship songs are very relatable ,and this is as authentic as it gets. I haven’t seen that side of H3RO publicly. I would love to see this performed live.
Static Shock is a banger. HE did that. Love the features too. Cole Connor kills the hook and verse.
Relationship : I love the vibe of this song with Katera!


Of course the Track the album is named after is normally the most important or hottest track on the album. Tragic H3ro did not fall short, but outside that my top 2 faves would be Can I be Happy and All Alone . I love raw emotion and stellar lyricism. H3ro just dropped the official video of “Can I be Happy” starring Cole Connor and Jacqueline Monique and it was like watching a short film. Great visuals and artistry here! Video Production by Garrick Lane and Uzoma Udogwu !


PWYOM goes so fucking hard. YOOOO! The way Fat Rat ended it was just so hot.
Dime a Dozen is hot. This song uses the beat of  KC MIA’s classic track “Facade” and I love the spin on it.
Christou and V Renee definitely came through to sell the vibes and message.

H3ro is fucking dope as always. The project is fucking dope.He worked hard on Tragic H3ro and you guys should most definitely listen!

I love how he has always been consistent and just becomes greater and greater with time.

He is one of the greatest lyricists and of the most dynamic music artist around and he proves it over and over.



Tragic H3ro Show and Sophomore Release party this Friday!
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Photo Cred : John A. Carlos II






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