Tidal Tuesday Playlists Recap of 2018

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First off, Thanks for JayZ and Beyonce for giving me the 6 month Free Trial for getting concert tickets! As an indie music influencer I felt it was best to utilize that to start making playlists to put y’all on to indie artists! I started off with Tidal Tuesday playlists then I did some themed playlists! With my playlists I try my best to offer diversity of genres and subgenres so I do take pride in creating them for people who like to turn up, dance, or just consume the music.

I know everyone doesn’t have Tidal so I play to do some copycat lists on Spotify when ya girl can finally upgrade to a phone that will allow me to download both at the same time ya feel me?You can contribute to my Ko-Fi fund so that I can get a new phone for interviews, social media content, recording performances at shows, and getting more music apps!

If you don’t feel like waiting for those Spotify list to happen? Cool let me help you by gifting you 60 Day FREE TRIAL of Tidal Premium by clicking this link!

I will try to do things in order, but just follow along and peep the vibe! Let me know what tracks and playlists are your faves!


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