Love, Lust, & HeartBreak Playlist on Spotify

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“Love, Lust, & Heartbreak “ was birthed from my passion for music that forces us to slow down and process how we feel. Music about love gets us out of this numb state we claim to be in of “having no feelings”… This is the beauty of love music. This playlist was launched in February in light of Valentine’s Day and I want the vibes to last throughout the year in light of all the stressful events! There is never a wrong time to listen to Love music!

This playlist has diverse songs surrounding Love, Lust, and Heartbreak! I feel like if you can’t relate to being in love then you definitely know lust. Maybe you experienced  heartbreak or saw someone go through it.  Maybe all 3 happened for you? Maybe you want to manifest love and need the right vibration to inspire you? Whatever it is this playlist will give you so many vibes that will either restore your hope in love, make you wanna have nasty sex, or help you heal your broken heart with honesty & reflection.

The beauty of this being a massive playlist with 140 tracks is that you can hop in where you want with shuffle play on different days and experience the vibes. Or you can take some of the song titles, artists names,  and listen on other platforms and binge on the artists that way.  You’ll get R&B, Reggae, Hip Hop,a touch of Afrobeats from today and yesterday!

There are a lot of people who feel like R&B is dead and I must quote one of my favorite DJs ,DJ SCrib from his live mixing session last night on Instagram Live. He said he was having a conversation with someone about how R&B is underground now and you have to dig for it!” Well I am making it easy for you to dig for it. I am sure you will recognize some of the names and others will be new to you!

Please drop me a comment letting me know what songs were your favorite! What songs brought back memories for you?  What song you can’t stop playing now?


If you loved this playlists be sure to check out some of my Soundcloud playlists! Some artists have took down music which may have ruined the sequence, but its still amazing!

Love & Heartbreak was launched on Valentines’ Day 2018


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