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Eezy Olah is easily one of the dopest, most versatile artists rising out of South Carolina with versatility unmatched. He is not only a lyricist, but an R&B singer and producer. The Jam Tape is a perfect title for this project’s style of production. It is 99% self produced with the only outside production coming from AirBorne Audio on “Real” featuring Aaron J (easily one of my fave tracks). The Jam Tape is a project filled with soulful, funky beats that really shows Eezy Olah’s excellence as a musician. The beat selection is PERFECT for his style as a lyrical MC with laid back vibes. Boom Bap lovers will definitely appreciate this project.

This project is for the ones who appreciate mellow sounds filled with passionate energy and bursts of ooohs and aaahhhs because you’re actually listening to the lyrics. The JamTape is dope for those who like to take a break from the upbeat, turnt party tracks and just chill. You can listen to The JamTape while cleaning your house on your off day, riding to get some GAS, getting your day started, or chilling out for the day. I fully believe the title “The JamTape” definitely lives up because you can’t help but nod your head, dance a little, or just JAM. I am 99% sure that if you played this for your grandparents, aunts, and uncles they would appreciate the sounds. This project has sounds for everyone.

Many of the sounds feel very nostalgic & natural to everyday dreamers & go-getters.
The hooks are catchy & relatable. The track list order was perfect for giving us Eezy Vibes while going through a few different moods, mediums, and production styles that we won’t grow bored with.The content itself is very down to earth. It is filled with gems to challenge you & inspire you…

What I also really appreciate about The JamTape is how compatible the features were…6 of the 11 tracks had features so it really had a dope mixtape feel…

MY GOD…when I saw Aaron J, $pidey, and Yunoshi Lyon on the track list!!!!!!! Then actually hearing the tracks….




Then there are the features who were either new to me or I haven’t fully binged their music prior to this project WannaPoundJu, Azace, Bless Da Gawd, & GP. Now that I heard them as features I feel blessed to come across more talent. The features really came TF thru. I mean every SINGLE feature delivered & added different sounds to The Jam Tape. I appreciate how Eezy Olah brought many talented artists on this journey with him. Most are South Carolina artists with the exception of Yunoshi Lyon who is from Augusta, GA but is always vibing with the Carolina artists so he is associated with us ! & GP is a battle rapper out of of NC…Azace, Bless The Gawd from Dillon, SC along with Eezy Olah. 843 don’t be fucking playing. Please understand it!

Aaron J , WannaPound Ju reps Columbia, SC and & producer Airborne Audio is from Sumter but is rocking with repping Columbia, and $pidey is from Big Irmo! 803 SHIT!

As you can see Eezy Olah is definitely surrounded by many talented artists from the Carolinas & GA. .I often say South Carolina has a goldmine of artists.. From the 843 to 803 to the 864 Carolina has so much talent & I am so grateful to witness it. There are some people who never get to experience the most talented artists from South Carolina so I when I tell you that artists from The JamTape are some of the elites of the underground it’s not an exaggeration.

Stand Out Tracks & Faves:

I really tried not to list every track cuz I really feel like this is a bump all the way through kinda project…but these were songs that I wanna highlight…

Lord Groovee (Jam Session 1) really sets the tone for the rest of the tape with upbeat vibes & R&B vibes with the hook. It seems so natural & almost like he can’t help but naturally flow over a beat. First track let’s you know that he absolutely adores music…who doesn’t love a Jam Session? Gives me Tiny Desk Vibes and would love to see this with a live band…

Material World– The use of the sample is just brilliant…love the confidence & storytelling over this track. “ I know a whole lot of criminals & I know a lot of victims…I know a lot of Gods that’s been suppressed by the systems…the probability of defeating the odds slim to none if you live your life being dumb…make a profit flip that or be a bum…that’s the only options coming from where I’m from”

Real (featuring Aaron J)- This is one of my faves. The production is sick all the way through with it’s many mediums by AirBorne Audio…Airborne Audio really DID THAT. Eezy delivered a hook that leaves new crowds singing by the end of the track. “Don’t…sleep… on… me… this… is… something real…. Real…Real…Real…Real…this is…something real..”

Eezy Olah really gave bars with this one…and to pass the mic to Aaron J to close it out on such a strong note!! .

Aaron J …”that boiiii be spitting” **in old head voice ** …To close it out with such magnitude  was fucking bananas…Ibut this song is just Hip Hop perfection…When the old heads say they “don’t like this new music” they ain’t talking bout them…Eezy Olah and Aaron J are students to the game and have a real love for Hip Hop so it shines through. I hate to be biased but I love these cats as individuals so I absolutely loved to see the collaboration. I am also demanding an Eezy Olah, Aaron J, Azace,Wanna Poundju and Solo G,TF mixtape with Airborne Audio  and Leo Giles on Production. That’s just me though





The way “Real” is delivered really makes a bold statement that is really makes good, chill anthem for dreamers & doers.

Just peep the energy when they performed at the hottest venue in Columbia, SC The Weekend Lounge!

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Just Jam (Jam Session 2 ( Featuring Yunoshi Lyon) – Once again Jam sessions are just wonderful. This is definitely one of those tracks that force you to bop your head to….
I love how he used vocals in the background of the verses. The hook is soo simple & promised to make you groove…

Yunoshi Lyon has one of the smoothest flows & to have him on here really gave me life….He is definitely a best kept secret in the Underground but soon enough you will know his name…

Be my Bae featuring Wanna PoundJu…Love the energy of this intro & hook…“No reason to be lonely you can be my bae…I can give you all each and everyday…no reason to be lonely you can be my bae…girl you can my bae…I can be all you need…each and everyday….
I am sucka for Lovey Dovey tracks…This is a hit…it it’s a R&B /Hip Hop Bop. It kinda gives me Pretty Ricky Vibes and I am so here for men pursuing women on a track…even if they just trying to fuck it sounds so good! WannaPoundJu definitely makes music for the ladies and you should definitely check him out. He’s a dynamic performer as well.

Is it Hate– You just gotta listen to the lyrics…lots of gems he dropping for the hustlers who can relate to fighting off negative energy…”

Olah Be Thy Name – This song is full of proverbs…

The Plan featuring Azace & Bless Da Gawd is fucking dope…like the way every artist rode this production was sick…I am also a sucker for Grown & Sexy Tracks…Southern Hip Hop greatness…

F.O.M.L featuring GP– This song had a lot of gems in it.


Final Remarks: The JamTape is a great body of work with anthems o& proverbs for pushing towards your dreams, Real Talk, and the Grind.

If you haven’t listened yet…LISTEN…

If you have drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts on it!

Also since writing this I mentioned Eezy Olah in episode 2 of the new official CreSpeaksMedia Podcast.   Eezy Olah also has some new releases and is dropping a project where he and Airborne Audio collab on production. The Black Chef project drops anyday now! They have released some singles under BlackChef


Eezy Olah has an upcoming project with Airborne Audio dropping anyday  now! Check out the latest singles!


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