Lost Files : No Self Pity by Quintin Tarantinto Review

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I am always super elated when an artist can give me a reason to write. I have to say that at times I find it difficult to put into words how I feel about music. I am lifelong writer but writing about music is something I am still kind of new to. I don’t have all the most technical vocabulary. Sometimes I just have to tell you about how it made me feel. So I am super grateful when I come across artists that give me something I can write in depth on. There are albums that are undeniably good , but there are albums that are undeniably superb enough to write about. 

I originally met Quintin Tarantinto through my homie Jamee Cornelia on FB. Quintin Tarantinto was raised in Columbus, GA but has some SC roots and lived in Columbia,SC shortly in his elementary school age years.  He had just moved back briefly and He told me he was currently in Columbia, SC and was trying to peep the scene. I was glad to meet a new artist and actually delve into his music!

It was  refreshing to hear a project with a chill vibe and meaningful lyrics. . If you ever wanna calm down from the turn up music take a listen. This project is a storytelling, lyrical project filled with strong lyrical ability and messages of lessons on betrayals,self preservation, dreams, visions, pure honesty, &  motivation. Sounds like a man growing up,accepting flaws, acknowledging inconsistencies within his world,  and being transparent all the way around about the journey to becoming self made. I believe this project is all about claiming your gifts and  power while  staying afloat on the journey of becoming self made. As an entrepreneur trying my hardest to break generational curses I can respect this project and it’s authenticity. I believe entrepreneurs from all walks of life could appreciate this project. It is tough trying to stay focused when everything around you seems to be falling a part, but Quintin Tarantinto reminds us to stay the course. This is a project about manifesting what you want.




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From the verses to the hooks to the way Quintin Tarantinto rides the production I would say this is a timeless album that can survive any generational shift. I feel like I can listen to this album 10 years from now and still appreciate it. I also dig the interludes where Quintin Tarantinto shares the process of making the project and lets us know who contributed…
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This is a dope ass album you can play straight back if you don’t mind being in a really chill mood. The shifts in production really  allows us to remain chill while hearing Quintin Tarantinto share his diversity while staying true to himself as an introvert who just wants to grind and grow. This is pure content that’s gonna leave you nodding your head.

I can say every track is great, but let me pull out some of my My Fave tracks and times I felt his words in my soul

Faves :

Po Hustling :Track 2, but first actual song on the album. Brilliant placement. Opens up an ambitious, transparent energy for us. Po Hustling has the potential to be an anthem for the grind. “We gonna hustle like we broke nigga against all odds” We gonna hustle like we broke nigga I swear to Gawd/We gonna hustle like we broke nigga ____**kinda unclear ask him what the rest says**

Heart of a God of mine that go beyond your wildest dreams/
“Maurice Sendak I used to hang with the wildest things/
I guess that made me who I am to believe in a dream/
Broke in my pocket but trust me I got some self esteem/
Fire determined by who you are not what you receive
SO I don’t understand why you feel it’s a competition/
said I want (???)word to somebody ,body gonna end up missing
no autopsy they couldn’t find ya don’t know who did it
Ya lack of effort make me feel like you don’t value your image

Yoooo…I could type out that whole first verse….Bruh got BARZ…Willy Wonka don’t have shit on him….




Ground Zero– The production is smooth on this one. “Straight from Ground Zero we coming alive” is a part of the hook & you just gotta listen…

Cold 4/20– Production is very smooth & got some playa vibes to it. I am sure the men will love this one…lotta honest lust on this one but heyyyy who wants to talk about relationships when you just trying to smoke & get laid? hah

Out of my Way– Very relatable & this whole vibe is Southern Hip Hop greatness.

Lit– Smoke otw home from work kinda vibe.

Vibrations– Love love the energy on this track.

I decided– “I gave you chance on the free now I need all I need” I know y’all feel that…

No Self Pity– Great way to end the album. Sounds like a victory track that we all need!

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I hope you check out this project & when you do let me know your favorite tracks! Check out the Link here!



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