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Ever since discovered about Clay I loved the fact that he is a very versatile, energetic, and raw artist. I found out about him through listening to the likes of 187 BLVD, one of my fave music collectives (check out 187 Faves playlist on Soundcloud), and decided to check out some of his work as an individual after hearing “ Buck” featuring Brahdrick from 803TheClique and hearing him on the “Nextel” track with JRX and Julian Styles on the 187Presents : Rebel Volume 1 on Spinrilla I went through the The Maskin Tapes: Rare Classics Collection Vol. 1, a compilation of some of his past work,  and I was  really moved by his energy and rawness. Some of my faves from that project was “420 Goblins”, “Clay Massacre”,  “Go Ape”, “Oh so Crazy”, & “Hoe No Love”. I love how taps in and out of alternative sounds & moshpit music. It is hard to fit Clay in a box, but his music feeds the spirits of the Rebels and Gangsta Rap lovers…

I was even more moved by the fact that he is only 21 years old with all this talent, and a big body of work already. This year I’ve been watching his moves mostly on Instagram & he continues to evolve as an artist. I love that he dropped the “Clay Massacre” video which is one of the best videos I’ve seen this year. I’ve added his single “ I choose to be Deaf” to my Workout Playlist on CreSpeaksMedia Soundcloud & I am loving the featured work he has done. with other members of 187 Blvd like ” Shoutout” by Vonte ( Check out the dope video here) and his work with the BFF Gang. He makes dope shit with Cartier & ScottySoPimpin. Check out “Skrongz” and Static.

Back in March I sat down with Clay Maskin for an interview ( smartphone footage) and it was edited by boy Terrance over at Shots Independent check out it out & drop a comment !**Please excuse the background noise as we were in a public place**

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