10+ FREE ways to support your Indie Music Artist friends

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CreSpeaksMedia is all about authenticity. Let’s keep it real and acknowledge the fact that sometimes we just don’t have the money to buy music the day it releases, especially when it is hard to choose one project to support. We can’t always make it to the live shows. Sometimes the best live events that go on are just bad timing in our personal life. We are busy. We trying to make it. We can’t make it all. All that Jazz woopty woo…

But don’t let that be the reason you don’t support your friends who are putting their whole heart and soul into creating music. I always say ” support is FREE”.  It takes NOTHING away from you to just simply support a music artist who does great work. No one is asking you to spend 20 hours a week promoting your friends music or to support artist you don’t care for. But if you actually take the time to try to listen to independent or local music artists when you come across artists you like there are ways to support them without breaking the bank.

Here is a list of top FREE ways to support your music artists friends on social media & at live events or shows.

  • Share and Repost their music on social media if you enjoy it. Share their Soundcloud and Youtube links with a photo or video since some social media sites are limiting their visibility.
  • Play their songs you like while on “Stories” .and tag them when you play their song. Simply give them a shout out or tell em how you feel about the songs
  • Share their event flyers in your “Stories” and personal page. **Instagram, Snapchat**
  • Click “interested” and “going” when you get a Facebook event page invite even if you know you won’t come. When you click “interested” or “going”  more people see it.
  • Tag them in articles or videos that teach about social media tips or any resources that can help them in the music business.
  • When someone is saying “I need some new music” go add their links and tell them briefly what you like about it.
  • Never waste your energy talking about the wack music artists. Believe it or not, there are many people who simply do not support anyone who isn’t on TV and the radio. That is fine and dandy. Their choice, but some great artists never get heard because they get grouped in with the “wack” ones. Just spend MORE energy talking about what music artists you DO like.
  • Most importantly, if they upload music to a streaming site or free website like Youtube listen to it, leave a comment,add it to a playlist, or share it with others! 

Tips to support your indie music artist friends at Live Events/ Shows/ Concerts 

  • Take photos and record segments of their live shows. Ask them if they need footage for their social media and send to them.
  • Be at the front hyping them up. Remember sometimes new crowds are slow to warm up to new artists and they feed off of the energy of the crowd. Hype them up. Be their biggest cheerleader.
  • Wear their Merch.  If you can’t purchase one right away ask them if you can wear their merch at a show. They will be glad you did and others will wanna know what the hype is about before the performance starts.
  • Clap for them at the end! So many times I go to a show and no one really claps although they were rocking with the song the whole time. Be the one that claps even if you think you’ll look crazy! Gotta show love !

Last, but not least,

Let your friends know that you appreciate their music. Sometimes simply hearing from a fan, and especially someone they love will make their day and be that motivating factor that keeps them going. It is as easy as a phone call, a Facebook message, or leaving a comment on their stuff.

Hope y’all found value in this post. If ya did? Tweet it and Share it to Facebook!

Did I leave anything off?  Drop me a comment and let me know of ways you support your friends!

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